Nova Classes



PreK and NovaKids will also run during this time.

Middle School & High School (Youth Room)

Practices of the Way

Focusing on some simple practices we can do as we follow Jesus. From Bible Reading to Sabbath and Hospitality--we will learn about different ways we can practice the way of Jesus.

Adults (Worship Center)

Power of Knowing God (Tony Evans)

Are you living the life God wants for you? God has called you to know and experience Him as your friend, your heavenly Father, and your companion in life. He wants you to know Him intimately and profoundly, beyond intellectual studies and emotional experiences.

In The Power of Knowing God you will learn some strategies for developing an authentic, life-transforming connection with God, using relevant Scripture passages, reflective questions that will spark conversation, and activities for personal growth, all designed to help you make knowing God your life's pursuit and to help you experience the fullness of living life at His side.