Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry and Church leadership have been thinking, dreaming, and praying about how we can best serve our elementary aged NovaKids during these strange times. We understand that families come from a variety of situations and comfort levels, so we want to make sure you are aware of our plans so that you can make an informed decision. Please read through the outline below in order to help your family decide what the best option for your children might be.  

NovaKids Plan:

Parents will begin checking children in upon arrival. NovaKids volunteers will manually check-in students (parents will not touch the iPad) under a children's ministry tent on the plaza. We are asking that all parents make sure their children have used the restroom prior to the start of the service in order to minimize the need for restroom usage during lesson time.

Children will stay with their parents during the worship set and will be dismissed from their family area on the lawn to line-up on marked socially distanced lines on the sidewalk with their NovaKids leaders. Like all Nova people, children and leaders will be expected to wear a face covering when moving from place to place.  

NovaKids leaders will walk the children to the North parking lot (behind the worship center) where two socially distanced circles of chairs will already be set-up. The area where the children are meeting will be blocked from any potential car traffic by volunteer vehicles. This area will likely be in full sun for the majority of our summer meetings. We ask you to plan accordingly by applying sunscreen and considering sending your child with a hat.

Leaders will split children into two groups, by age, and tell each child where to sit. Each child will have a prepackaged bag of supplies, including a pencil and workbook that leaders will distribute. One leader will teach each group. We expect that each group will have between 6 and 10 children.

Once children and leaders are seated, it is permissible to remove face coverings as long as social distancing is being maintained. However, any child or teacher who would prefer to wear a face covering throughout may do so. If a NovaKids teacher needs to move within a child's six-foot bubble, they will be sure to have their face covering on.

Children's Ministry leaders have evaluated and purchased a small group bible study curriculum which NovaKids leaders will use to teach a brief bible lesson and then guide students through accompanying activities. If your child has a personal bible that they could bring to our lesson times, that would be excellent. All activities will take place while seated. We expect lessons to last the duration of the sermon (about 25 minutes). 

Upon the conclusion of the service parents will proceed up the sidewalk and pick their children up. Parents will be directed to stay on the sidewalk by the Nursery and Youth Room and children will be called from their seats once their parents have arrived. Again, we will all follow the Nova policy of making sure faces are covered while moving from place to place. As students go to meet their parents, they will drop their labeled supply bag into a box for use next week.  

Of course, if you feel more comfortable keeping your children with you during the service, you are welcome to do so. NovaKids is being offered to students in K - 5th grade.

We look forward to again having the opportunity to teach your children about our great God and demonstrate His love for them. We also welcome any questions you may have. Thank you for your continued support and for giving our team the opportunity to speak truth into the life of your children.