DNA GRoups

The Nova Young Adult Group is taking an exciting new direction with how we are structuring our small groups. We will continue to have our bi-weekly Tuesday night dinners, but in lieu of our normal small group gatherings we will be trying a new model.

For the near future we are going to try breaking into a model called DNA Groups which are groups of 3-4 men or 3-4 women. Having groups of this size and having them same-gendered allows for more open and honest sharing of thoughts and prayer for the group members. With DNA groups we hope to create the space for relationship with each other to grow, and through these relationships we can point each other to God.

The meeting place, time, and exact content of these groups will vary group by group. Some groups may meet in a coffee shop on Saturday mornings, others may meet Thursday nights at someones home. It all depends on the availability of the members of each individual DNA Group. 

These groups are called DNA groups because we are striving to:

       1) Discover: Discover more about God, who He is, and what His will for our lives are. 

       2) Nurture: Nurture each other on our walks with God through prayer and sharing with one another.

       3) Act: Encourage each other to continually be acting out the Gospel narrative in their own lives.

To get connected, contact Garrett at garrett.koch@novachurch.org or text/call (916)749-5827.

Below are a few videos of a few people's personal experiences with DNA Groups.