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We all love creation, nature, the great outdoors, whatever you want to call it! Oftentimes the beauty and intricacy of creation can even draw us closer to God by reminding us just how awesome and mighty He really is. Creation is a wonderful gift from the Creator, but what are humans' responsibilities towards creation? Is creation simply here for us to enjoy? Is it here only to serve the purposes of humans? Or do humans have a responsibility to care for creation as well? 

In Nova's first ever online class, "Creation Care in the Bible," we are going to take a look at what Scripture says about these questions and more! This is a five week class (week of Sept. 20th - week of October 18th), and please watch the brief video below to learn more about how this online class will work and sign up above. This class will be led by Garrett Koch and if you have any questions about this class please email him at


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Teaching Videos will be released on Tuesday mornings.

Zoom Discussion will happen Thursday nights at 7:00pm.