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Welcome to Nova Online

Welcome to Nova's online gathering for the week of March 29. Here in this online space, you are joining in with hundreds of other people in the South Bay and beyond as you enter into a time of worship in your own home. 

Here is what we have put together for this week:

  • Welcome (2 min.)
  • Worship (13 min.)
  • Message (23 min.)
  • Discussion
  • Prayer

There is a special children's video lesson available. This lesson will be most effective if you look over the provided lesson guide ahead of time in order to lead your children through some questions and activities.

We believe Nova Online works best when you move through at your own pace here on the website, but we've also combined the main videos together as an alternative way to view them or to share them with someone who might have a harder time with the website. You can view that video file on YouTube here.

We hope you find this online gathering to be a blessing. We look forward to seeing you all face-to-face very soon.


Join some of the Nova Worship Team by listening or singing out together in your homes.

Alternative Youtube Mirror

This is Amazing Grace

What a Beautiful Name



Take some time to think about and discuss these questions with your spouse, small group, family, or friends.

  1. Read Ephesians 6:5-9. What is one thing about Ephesians 6:5-9 that stood out to you? 

  2. The following Proverbs give principles for how to work to bring God honor. As you read them, think about what each one says about work and how that principle could be applied in your life.
         - Proverbs 10:4
         - Proverbs 14:23
         - Proverbs 22:29
         - Proverbs 31:17

  3. While working diligently is important to God, he also wants us to consider our motivation and attitude. What principles of motivation and attitude can you identify in 1 Timothy 6:6-10?


This week, let's pray for our congregation:


  • For all of those who are selflessly serving as healthcare providers: God, bless and protect them and their families.
  • For those who work as first responders: God, give them courage in these circumstances and help them minister to our community with grace as they put their confidence in Christ.
  • For those who serve in the education system: God, give them patience, creativity, energy, and wisdom to teach while juggling demands within their own homes.
  • For the elderly and immunocompromised: God, surround and defend them and provide for them the love of Jesus through creative paths with brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • For our church leadership: God, bless them with vision to both care for the flock to which You have entrusted them and also to provide equipping to the congregation to serve our community, sharing the love of Jesus

Please also take some time to write down prayer requests from you, your family, and your neighbors to send in to so that our prayer team can be praying for you.