Read the latest official statement from Nova leadership here (Thursday, March 19).


Welcome to Nova's online gathering for the week of March 15. Here in this online space, you are joining in with hundreds of other people in the South Bay to enter into a time of worship in your own home. While we may be physically separated, we are linked together by a common identity found in Jesus. This core identity has always been rooted in how we have spread out to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the South Bay and the world.

We know this is quite different from meeting together in person. Many of us have a deep longing to be gathered together and we really miss each other. Let us bring these thoughts before God as we prepare our hearts for worship now.

You may be coming here by yourself or with your family. You may be reading this on a computer or a mobile phone. We hope this can be as communal of an experience as possible. If you can, pull this up with your spouse, gather your kids, or call and coordinate to watch with a friend. The whole worship experience might take approximately 60 minutes. Here is what we have put together for this week:

  • Message (18 min.)
  • Worship (15 min.)
  • Prayer
  • Discussion
  • What's Next?

Here is an additional short video teaching geared toward children based on Ephesians 1:1-11 (10 min). We hope it can help round out your family worship.

Pastor Dean will bring a message of encouragement based in the Scriptures. Then you have the option to move into a time of worship through singing. Pastor Adam will introduce a few songs that will play and have the lyrics displayed so that you can sing them out together. Then we recommend you spend some time in prayer. This has been a difficult time for many people and we know that prayer can be one of the mightiest actions we start our week with. Then we have a set of discussion questions that you can begin thinking about. Discuss these with your family and your small group. May these questions lead us into action for our community. At the end, there is a brief word giving some context on what's next for our community.

We hope you find this online gathering to be a blessing. We look forward to seeing you all face-to-face very soon.


Pastor Dean shares a message of encouragement centered around Acts 8:1-8.


Pastor Adam introduces a set of three worship song videos, with lyrics included, that can be listened to or sung together.

Message from Adam

One Thing Remains


Build My Life


Let's pray for our community. Below is a suggested prayer guide. 

Pray for:

  • Guidance for medical workers and government leadership.
  • Healing for those who have contracted COVID-19.
  • Safety for people who are most at risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • Peace, knowing God is ultimately in control.
  • That the church would clearly see its mission to love their neighbors in all circumstances.


Take some time to think about and discuss these questions with your spouse, small group, family, or friends.

  1. Do you think this is a culture-shaping moment for us? Why or why not?

  2. What lesson do you sense God is wanting you to learn as a result of this disruption in our lives?

  3. Share a concern or anxiety that has been pressing on you. Read over Matthew 6:25-34. Pray for one another as we seek to place our trust fully in God.

  4. How can we join in with what God is doing so that there would be great joy in our city?

  5. Is there someone in your life who needs prayer and a word of encouragement during this time?

What's next?

In the coming days, you can expect more communication from the Nova staff as we continue to keep an eye on this ever-changing situation. You can always visit for the latest news regarding March 22 and more. 

The Nova staff hopes to bring more resources online for the continued edification of our community (including material geared toward Youth and children). This is a unique opportunity for each and every one of us, as the church, to look for creative ways to love and serve one another in this trying time.

In the meantime, please send in prayer requests via email to If you have any special concerns or needs, please reach out to your small group leader, one of the staff, or email the church office at

You can continue to financially support Nova’s ministry through tithes, offerings, and Open campaign contributions by giving online at or by sending your support through the mail ("Attn: Financial Secretary").