Hope you are looking forward to Easter! This page will be updated with our Easter service on Sunday morning.

Welcome to Nova at Home


Welcome to Nova's gathering for the week of April 5. Here in this online space, you are joining in with hundreds of other people in the South Bay and beyond as you enter into a time of worship in your own home. 

Here is what we have put together for this week:

  • Announcements (3 min.)
  • Worship (12 min.)
  • Message (22 min.)
  • Discussion
  • Prayer
  • Sharing With Others

There is a special children's video lesson available. This lesson will be most effective if you look over the provided lesson guide ahead of time in order to lead your children through some questions and activities.

We hope you find this online gathering to be a blessing. We look forward to seeing you all face-to-face very soon.


Maundy Thursday - Observing the Lord's Supper through video chat.

Good Friday - Encouraging a time of church-wide fasting and praying.

More details to come!

Easter - We're compiling videos of YOU for Easter! Send in a video of you or your household saying "He is risen... He is risen indeed!" to mail@novachurch.org. Feel free to get creative!

Prayer requests can be sent to prayer@novachurch.org.

Give to support Nova at novachurch.org/giving.


Join some of the Nova Worship Team by listening or singing out together in your homes.

Alternative Youtube Mirror

Say the Word

He Is Faithful

Grace Alone



Take some time to think about and discuss these questions with your spouse, small group, family, or friends.

  1. Read Ephesians 6:10-24. What is one thing about Ephesians 6:10-24 that stood out to you? 

  2. How would you describe the armor of God in your own words? Why do Christians need the armor of God?

  3. Why is prayer important? Some people enjoy praying with other Christians, while others find it a terrifying experience. What contribution to your Christian life and witness do you think praying with other Christians can make?


Psalm 17:6 says, “I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.”


How grateful we are that as we call on God through prayer, he hears our praise, thanksgiving, and our requests.

Let’s pray this week for students, teachers, and administrators in our schools:


  • For students: God, give students positive attitudes and a positive outlook as they engage with their teachers and fellow students in distance learning.

  • For teachers:  God, give teachers strength and insight as they teach students and lead their classrooms with creativity and energy.

  • For administrators:  God, give administrators guidance and wisdom as they oversee schools and school districts in a season of complexity and confusion.

  • For parents:  God, give parents strength and grace as they experience educating their children from home.

Sharing with Others


We love that so many people have shared gatherings like this with their friends and family already. We encourage you to continue doing so. You can follow Nova on Facebook and Instagram and share images and links directly from those accounts.



Or you can always create your own post! 

Use #NovaTogether to see all the different ways people are gathering in their homes to worship or to fellowship with their small groups.

We have also combined the main videos together as an alternative way to view them or to share them with someone who might have a harder time with the website. 

Combined Service Linkwww.youtube.com/watch?v=lSnSVO40NRo