Welcome to Nova at Home


Welcome to Nova's gathering for the week of April 19. Here in this online space, you are joining in with hundreds of other people in the South Bay and beyond as you enter into a time of worship in your own home. 

Here is what we have put together for this week:

  • Announcements (4 min.)
  • Worship (14 min.)
  • Message (13 min.)
  • Discussion
  • Prayer
  • Sharing With Others

There is a special children's video lesson available. This lesson will be most effective if you look over the provided lesson guide ahead of time in order to lead your children through some questions and activities.

We hope you find this online gathering to be a blessing. We look forward to seeing you all face-to-face very soon.


Please send your prayer requests to prayer@novachurch.org so that our prayer team can be praying for you.

You can continue to financially support Nova’s ministry through tithes, offerings, and Open campaign contributions by giving online at novachurch.org/giving or by sending your support through the mail (4345 Emerald St. Torrance, CA 90503). 


Join the Nova Worship Team by listening or singing out together in your homes.

Alternative Youtube Mirror

Build My Life

Grace Alone



Take some time to think about and discuss these questions with your spouse, small group, family, or friends.

Thomas talked about how everyone in the Biblical narrative was longing for a return to Eden.

  • What would be the characteristics of Eden that people are hoping to get back in their lives?

God has renewed our lives and made us agents of change in this broken world. We get the privilege of being an extension of God’s work in the world as we partner with him. But each of our lives can look very different. 

  • What would it look like for you to bring Eden to someone in your life? 

  • With the quarantine in place, it takes some serious creativity to bring Eden to others. What are some creative ways that you have seen people bringing blessing to others?

In your own personal study, take the time to compare Genesis 1-3 with Revelation 21-22. 

Write down all the ways that Eden and the New Creation are similar and different.


Prayer is how we actively affirm our belief in a powerful and loving God.

Philippians 4:6-7 (The Message) says, “…let petitions and praises shape our worries into prayers, letting God know our concerns.”

Let’s pray...

  • For the sick: God, heal and help. Sustain bodies and spirits. Contain the spread of virus and infection.

  • For the physically vulnerable: God, protect the elderly and those suffering from chronic disease. Provide for the poor, especially the uninsured.

  • For those with mental health challenges who feel isolated, anxious, and helpless: God, provide your peace, comfort, and strength.

  • For workers in a variety of industries facing layoffs and financial hardship: God, keep them from panic, and inspire your church to generously support them.

  • For families with children at home for the foreseeable future: God, help parents to creatively care for, lead, and help their children to flourish.

Sharing with Others

We love that so many people have shared gatherings like this with their friends and family already. We encourage you to continue doing so. You can follow Nova on Facebook and Instagram and share images and links directly from those accounts.



Or you can always create your own post! 

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We have also combined the main videos together as an alternative way to view them or to share them with someone who might have a harder time with the website. 

Combined Service Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=__Y3Yq7nqPo