Sunday Classes

We host various classes during the second hour of our Sunday morning service. Find out more below.

the bible project

Would you like to understand the Bible better, especially hard books like Leviticus, Ezekiel, and Revelation? Do you wish you could read the entire Bible without getting bored or confused? If so, this class is for you. The Bible Project creates short videos on each book of the Bible, outlining its main points and showing how all Scripture is a unified story that leads to Jesus.

Led by Dave Martin and Byron Jung in Room A.

how's your soul?

When someone asks you how you're doing, we all know the typical answers to give. But how would you respond if someone asked how your soul is doing? Most of us wouldn't know what to say, because we don't think much about it. We're too busy focused on the activities of daily life to stop and think deeply about our internal levels of joy, peace, hope, gratitude, sadness, fear, anger, impatience, etc. In this DVD curriculum, we'll learn keys to developing and maintaining a healthy soul no matter what our outward circumstances are like.

Led by Courtney Tibbels and Rick D'Amico in the Fireside Room