Nova Classes

SUNDAY MORNINGS   |   11:15-12:00


Fishing stories. We've all heard them. "It was this big." "You should have seen the one that got away." People love to tell stories of their fishing adventures. When it comes to faith, however, most people clam up. Why is it that we can't talk about what God has done in our lives as naturally as we can tell fishing tales?

Go Fish explores the motivation behind sharing our faith. Discover God's heart for those who don't know Him and the role that we can play in introducing others to Him. Along the way you will be equipped with tools that will help you make sharing your faith a natural part of your life.

Led by Wilkin Lee and Adam Duchin in The Fireside Room

Philippians: Joy Under Pressure

Stress. Deadlines. Commitments. How can we find joy when life feels like a pressure cooker? Or display a lifestyle of love despite the imperfections of ourselves and others? Paul's letter to the Philippians shows what it means to follow Christ when the going gets tough, and will help you see how to experience joy that is authentic and enduring - even when life turns up the heat.

Led by Bob Giampaoli and John McGady in Room A.