Nova Classes

SUNDAY MORNINGS   |   11:15-12:00

A Quick survey of the gospels and acts

We usually look at the Bible verse-by-verse and miss the big themes and movements of a particular book. Now for something completely different! Come along for a fast-paced survey of the Four Gospels and the Book of Acts. Using the amazingly informative videos The Bible Project, John Welch and John Sanders lead a discussion of the structure and content of each book and some of its applications to our lives as followers of Jesus. It's going to be fun! It's going to be fast! Join us in Room A.


loving like jesus

What happens when we stop avoiding difficult people and simply love everyone? What if...

  • You loved someone the way Jesus loves them - without fear, insecurity, or restriction? 
  • You could authentically talk about your relationship with Jesus without offending others? 
  • You could make a new friend having no other agenda than to honor a fellow human with a generous and dignifying love? 
  • You didn't have to be silent or pushy about your faith? 
  • We could make the good news beautiful again in our world? 

This class will help us learn that loving God and others means helping people move past the place of shame to acceptance so that they can clearly see how much God loves them. We will be using lively and challenging material from Bob Goff's book, Everybody Always, and Judy Brower's book, Smitten By Us. This class meets in the Fireside Room and is led by Andrew Pitman, Garrett Koch, and Danielle Quan.